NeoNoir Communications Ltd. was founded in the summer of 2009 by some former consultants of an international PR firm. Our owners at their pervious work, in 2008 – 2009 individually and in teams has been challenged four times on PR competitions and they won all those awards

Arany Lollipop – PR
Arany Lollipop – Integrated BTL
Kreatív – Digital PR conference
Kreatív – Green Marketing conference

As NeoNoir we also won all awards we were nominated to:

PRizma – Crisis Communication
PRizma – PR Campaign of the Year
PRizma – Reputation Management
Social Media Best Practice – Crisis Communication
Iránytű – Tourism Marketing Campaign of the Year
European Excellence Award, CEE shortlist
Sportmarketing Campaign of the Year
Sponsoration Campaign of the Year
TOP10 Hungarian PR Agency
Golden World Awards (PR-Oscar), shortlist

Besides the usual agency offerings, we do dare to be different, not part of the mainstream, while being professional. We emphasize holistic approaches, mixing tools to execute the best possible campaigns for the segmented target audiences to reach people when and where they are most receptive.

We are always seeking new and integrated solutions; NeoNoir is not a “press releases + press conferences” agency. We know that it is not the comfort zone communications successful, but understanding and exploiting the brand, target and message. We truly believe that reliable, honest and successful work makes a difference; our clients know it too.