Philips AVENT
NeoNoir supports Philips AVENT with full service PR since 2011. Besides classic press relations, our job is to organize press and customer events and manage the brand’s Facebook page. Here, with the assistance of our experts, we provide useful advices and entertaining applications for prospective and new young mothers. Formerly our work was supported by Antónia Erős, Kata Dobó, and from 2013 Nóra Ördög helps us with her own young mother blog. Every year, we organize public meetings which are attended by the customers, the relevant bloggers and journalists as well.
Strongbow Honey and Apple
Following the successful Hungarian launch of Strongbow Gold, our agency was responsible for creating a unique PR campaign of Strongbow Honey and Apple. We connected the flavor, only available in our country, to an old jazz song from the 1950s and then we composed its new ’variant’, Applehoney in 2013. Thereafter Hungary’s four famous DJs made their own remixes, based on our fresh music, and we triggered a nationwide DJ competition. The campaign generated more than 100 mediahits and 70.000 people listened the songs during the competition.
As part of the cooperation between Soproni and Tankcsapda we announced a music contest among Hungarian bands. The winner was honored to be the guest band of Hungary’s most popular rock band’s last concert in 2013, in Budapest. Nearly 400 bands responded and sent their best song during a short three-week period, and more than 200 branded media appearances occurred in the press.
On a closed tendering Unilever chose NeoNoir for supporting the communication related tasks on Dove brand in 2013. Our agency is responsible for the management of Dove Facebook page and the full PR communication of the brand’s campaign.
In addition to Philips AVENT, from 2013 our agency carries out the Dutch health and well-being company’s Consumer Lifestyle division’s domestic PR communication as well. Our duties include the following: organization of press events, distribution of press releases, creation and execution of PR campaigns in support of the latest products.
Szent László Stemcell Foundation
We organized Hungary’s first ever gathering of domestic stem cell transplant children on behalf of Szent László Stem Cell Foundation. Hundred guests and 40 journalists participated the event. We resulted more than 80 coverage, including television and radio channels for raising awareness of the topic.
LA Colors
NeoNoir worked on introducing LA Colors and LA Girls beauty brands into the Hungarian market. We chosen Regina Dukai as ambassador for the brands, and established important cooperation with various players (VIVA TV, Viasat3 TV, Sugarbirds fashion brand, Bravo magazine etc), organised a press conference and grand opening of their first LA Make Up Store that resulted 100 branded articles; furthermore we involved beauty bloggers to the communication and kept daily contact with the beauty editors of women glossy magazines and web pages.
Makány Márta-Nara Fashion
We supported the fashion brand, „Nara by Makány Márta” with classic PR and other BTL actions. We helped achieving extended press coverage, more than 110 articles and TV reports (all glossy, tabloids, evening magazine shows, radio interviews) about her latest fashion collection, and organised the seasonal runaway shows for 1200 guests.
NeoNoir has been responsible for both the corporate and brand communication of HappyBox. Barbee (the popular teen star) was taken on board to be the official ambassador of the company. In this campaign year we managed entirely digital communication (Twitter, Facebook), guerrilla communication (celeb spotting, viral videos, Comet dress), classic press work (publications, interviews, Aktív, Fókusz, Bravo poster, etc.)
We have supported with media work the biggest regional online fashion shop. We organized press event at the opening of the first ever Hungarian StreetFashion Museum, and Designer Auction. Our work resulted more than 200 branded positive article not only the relevant web pages and magazines but also on every important fashion and beauty blogs.
NeoNoir has been responsible for drafting communication strategy and managing all external communications, and press work of Speedfitness.We are proud that our work contributed to spread the word about this latest fitness movement.
soproni _225
NeoNoir undertook all Olympics Games related PR activities of the biggest Hungarian beer brand, Soproni. Our responsibility was press and consumer communication during summer. We held two press events, each had 10 celebrities and Olympics Champions attending, the campaign resulted 120 branded articles and TV reports even in the evening news.
Our agency undertakes full service PR support for the global leader in power and automationin our country. We contribute with mediasupport, trainings and organising events. Our press releases resulted more than 500 branded articles in Hungary, and this is much more than any of their competitors have.
NeoNoir has been assisted by MSD to contribute in their internal communication; the agency supported their HR department regarding the office moving and their Cycle Meeting, that involved all their employees from all around of the country.
Our agency manages all the press activities supporting LEGO’s corporate or brand initiatives since the beginning of 2010. Our LEGO events has resulted several hundreds of branded articles across the country, allowing tens of thousands of families to be informed and be able to spend unforgettable moments with the Danish toy manufacturer.
Pécs2010 – European Cultural Capital
The NeoNoir was responsible for supporting Pécs2010 - European Capital of Culture project’s international press conference. Our task was to organize and guide international press and was a great challenge, because we had only two weeks for accomplishing the task. Thanks to our well-established international contacts 40 foreign journalists and staff - CNN, ZDF, ORF, AFP - participated on Pécs2010, and we achieved 400 mediahits across the Globe.
NeoNoir planned and executed the successful „The second best job in the world”campaign for Tensi Holidays. It was purely based on Facebook, and we received more than 200 valid video applications, and achieved approximately 400 branded coverage. This project won the Main Prize in Reputation Management category on PRizma Award in 2011 and The Best Tourism marketing Campaign by Iránytű.
Since 2011 NeoNoir is responsible for the communication of FRESSNAPF, the biggest pet-food and pet-accessories producer company in Hungary. Our main task is to provide continuous media support.
drogerie markt – Facebook Page
After the award-won communication campaign, drogerie markt has contracted us for planning and executing their continuous e-pr activities. This involved daily management of their >30.000+ Facebook page, blogger outreach, organizing blogger events and social media monitoring.
drogerie markt – Crisis Communication
NeoNoir managed the biggest crisis situation in the whole history of drogerie markt. The purely web2 based communication campaign met the highest expectations of the client, and due to the planned and well-thought-out execution we won the Best Crisis Communication category and the overall first prize, the Best PR Campaign in 2011 at PRizma Award, and Best Social Crisis Communication Campaign at Social Media Best Practice in 2012.
Strongbow Gold
NeoNoir planned and executed the domestic viral launch of England’s famous cider. Klapka „The Goldman” György played a major role in our campaign as the man who is trying to smuggle some kind of liquid gold into Hungary according to a hidden camera footage. The video has reached 40.000 clicks on Youtube within a few days and the major tabloids – including Blikk coverpage (!)– and evening news programs dealt with the case for weeks; result is nearly 110 branded articles.
NeoNoir supported the domestic launch of Heineken Serenade Facebook application. We conducted a pub-survey, issued two press releases, got well-known celebrities on board to talk about their dating tip. Due to more than 120 branded non-paid articles, Hungary became the second biggest country regarding the number of users (after USA).